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Mission Statement

With a dedicated team of experienced educators here at Sonshine Christian School, we strive to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment where students can explore a diverse range of subjects. From mathematics to language arts, science to social studies, our curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to challenge and inspire students, nurturing their natural curiosity and helping them develop critical thinking skills.


Recognizing that each child is a unique and miraculous gift from God, we are dedicated to developing each student’s intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual abilities and talents in an environment of love that honors God and  blesses each child and family.

Sonshine Christian School subscribes to a Biblical philosophy of education and a Christian world view.  This approach is foundational to all our policies, instruction, procedures and activities.  We acknowledge that there is one true God, who is the creator and sustainer of all and who has revealed Himself through nature, through His inerrant scriptures – the Bible, and through His Son our only Savior Jesus Christ.  Mankind, despite being uniquely created in God’s image, is sinful and separated from God and needs to be spiritually “born again” through personal faith in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection to experience God’s greatest blessings now and through eternity.

We believe that  the Bible teaches that marriage is a union between a man and a woman.  Biblical attitudes towards parents, families and marriage are taught and modeled.

We will not conceal God’s teachings from children, but tell the generation to come praise the Lord, His strength and His wondrous works.  We teach them to put their confidence in God and not forget the works of God, but keep His commandments.  Psalm 78:4,7

All your children will be taught of the Lord; and the peace of your children will be great.  Isaiah 54:13

Sonshine Christian School will accomplish our statement of purpose through:

Academic Excellence

  • Language skills
  • Letter recognition / sign language
  • Introduction to phonics
  • Strong emphasis on children’s literature
  • Math Their Way curriculum
  • Music
  • Art
  • Science through hands-an introduction to God’s world

Physical Development

  • Ability to handle materials well. (fine motor skills: cutting, pasting, coloring, puzzles, etc.)
  • Developing coordination at play. (large motor skills: ball throwing, running, jumping, balancing,etc.)
  • Developing safe work/play habits.
  • Practicing good health habits.

Character Building and Relational Skills

  • Working and playing well with others. (participating in group activities)
  • Following simple directions
  • Working independently. (emotional stability)
  • Responding properly to group situations.  Adjusting to new situations.

Spiritual Development

  • Daily Prayer
  • Gospel Light Curriculum
  • Life Lessons (Values & Morals)
  • Scripture Memory
  • Introducing children to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ( developing a personal relationship with the living God)

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